An online video-based LinkedIn training programme designed to help you to win leads and sales on LinkedIn

Learn the secrets, tips and strategies to win an abundance of leads and sales on LinkedIn.

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The six keys to creating sales on LinkedIn

There are six key skills required to win business on LinkedIn. We have turned these into six units. Each unit contains several videos, worksheets and check lists. So if you are on LinkedIn, but not winning business from doing so, then this programme is for perfect you.

The LinkedIn Sales and Marketing System

Unit 1 - How to create an outstanding first impression by developing an outstanding personal and company profile

Unit 2 - Crowd development - Growing the number of people in your LinkedIn list

Unit 3 - Getting people to know, like and trust you, your company and your products and services

Unit 4 - Driving traffic to your website for free 

Unit 5 - How to use LinkedIn paid advertising to advertise only to your target market and to only pay if you get traffic

Unit 6 - How to turn all this into sales by combining online marketing, with offline sales and marketing

This programme contains over 30 short (10min to 15min) videos showing you exactly how to market and sell your products and services on LinkedIn.  

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The normal price of this programme is £199.00 + VAT per month. But for a limited period you can have full use of the programme for only £99.00 + VAT per month. Learn at the best time for you 24/7 from the comfort of your home, or office. (one off payment, use for life)


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